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Bada Boom Fireworks is Pennsylvania's premier wholesale and retail fireworks store. We have the cheapest prices in PA!!! Others advertise it, but we have it.

There are no gimmicks with our pricing. Just cheap prices. We don't force you to buy more than what you are looking for just so you can get a better price. We can't give you a buy-one get-one because our prices are so low. Everyone is treated as a high roller regardless of his or her fireworks budget. After you purchase from us, you will walk away feeling good knowing you got the most fireworks for your money.

Pennsylvania residents are welcome! We have a great selection of PA Legal fireworks for you to choose from at both of our locations. Some of our PA Legal Fireworks are so good; they have been used in professional shows.

We are proud to offer you our exclusive Bada Boom Fireworks "Brown Paper" line. These items don't have the prettiest packaging, but they are hands down some of the loudest and most powerful fireworks we have legally seen. That's why our name is on them. We carry a whole line of Brown Paper 500 Gram Aerial Repeaters and 200 Gram Aerial Repeaters as well as 2 " tubes. Don't ask us how it is possible...just enjoy the show.

If you don't see what you are looking for on this site, please ask. We carry many items and offer a variety of services that are not yet listed on this site. This site will grow in time, but right now is limited.

Both our stores are located hour from the Delaware Water Gap. It's a little further of a drive, but no hassle and a lot less money before any discount's. We hope to see you soon.


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